Thursday, June 4, 2015

Retiring Items!

Hi ya, just a quick post to let you know CTMH has posted their retiring items and it's huge - can't wait to see what it all is going to be replaced with! In the meantime, check it out in case there are any items you wish to get before they're gone for good and you have to scour ebay for that one that got away (not that I'd know anything about that ...)  I've put a separate link at the top page of my blog in case you need the link quickly!

Just a few of my favs ...

Polar Bear Holiday

Flakey Friends

Big Hug

Treasured Friendship

Seaside Greetings

and I could just go on and on ... sniff, sob ... I'm sure the new will be just as grand but I will miss my favs!

Have a lovely day!

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