Sunday, March 23, 2014


So for my birthday, my darling, dearest hubby, who is way too nice to me, got me a new toy to play with (even drove me to 2 different Michaels to buy it on the day it came out!).  I set aside a day to play and  then did just that ... played the entire day away!  It was great!

The new toy is my new Cricut Explore and here is some of what I accomplished in my day ... 

I used Chocolate paper for this and learned how to create my own split Monogram letter using Design Space and Youtube vids!

This is a free project in Design Space that I used.

This is another free project in Design Space.

I also did all the cuts from Art Philosophy for my upcoming Ivy Lane card class, started some Easter cards and some Thank You cards!

This was way too much fun!  

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