Friday, December 28, 2012

New CTMH Catalogue Preview

Here's a sneak peek of the new cover for the upcoming 2013 Spring/Summer catalogue which goes 'live' on February 1st!  

If you'd like your very own copy of this wonderful catalogue, let me know.

If you are a current customer, it will be free!  If you'd like your own free copy, simply place an order with me either at my online site (24/7) or send me an email with your order.

If you do place an order, keep in mind that if you order $35, for only an additional $10, you can get the wonderful Whooos Your Valentine kit which you can only get through Jan 31/13.  I've received my kit and look forward to creating some lovelies with it and the wonderful stamp set that comes with it.

If you place an order for $50, you can also pick up the Stamp of the Month for an additional $5.  For December 1-31, it's Year Round Cheer.  For January 1-31st, it is Happy Valentine's.

Remember, there is no price differences for Canadians!  All the wonderful products you see in the catalogue are the same prices you'd pay if you were a U.S. customer.  

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  I am finally starting to feel a bit better from this flu/cold but it's slow ... hopefully tomorrow I will feel more human and wanting to do more than be a lump on the couch!  

I received some lovely things for Christmas and haven't really even investigated anything yet!  The one thing I can't wait to fill up is the stamp pad/marker organizer (Exclusive Inks Organizer, Z4131) I received!  It is the beginning of my organizational goal to get my craft room organized to a useable state.


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